We prize local knowledge and believe the best investments are far off the beaten path.

We are patient and take a long-term perspective.

Sequoia Heritage is a carefully crafted portfolio of the most interesting investment ideas from around the globe. We collect strategies that patiently capitalize on opportunities while minimizing the devastating effects of market downturns.

Sequoia Heritage offers a select group of clients a unique set of benefits:
  • We compound long-term capital in a single, risk-managed portfolio.
  • We invest primarily through small managers and operators.
  • When investing away from home, we insist on deep local knowledge.
  • We preserve liquidity to enable contrarian and opportunistic value investing.
  • We have relationships around the globe that enable us to participate in highly desirable co-investments, often on preferred terms.
  • We feature extensive endowment, family office, & institutional investment experience.
  • Sequoia Capital principals are investors in Sequoia Heritage, on the same terms as our other investors.
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Sequoia Heritage rests on the premise that nowadays the best investments are as likely to be found in Madagascar, Patagonia, or Shanxi Province as in New York, London, or Tokyo.

So, our small, nimble team travels and explores the nooks and crannies of the global investment universe. We talk to people who know intimately what is going on in their pockets of the world – far away from the din and confusion of conventional chatter.

This explorer mentality leads us to things we’d never come across or understand by sitting in our offices, leafing through reports, or hitting the refresh buttons on financial news sites.
Our travels include visits to Sequoia’s seven offices – an invaluable group of partners with deep local knowledge.

We designed Sequoia Heritage to do one thing: help our clients realize greater gains with a higher degree of certainty than they could elsewhere.
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Our team travels
the globe, seeking
insights and
searching for the
best investments.